Aeration systems

Replacement parts for all brands:


Aercor™                       AquaAerobic™               Ecologix™

EDI                                EnviroQuip™                  Gummi Jager™

GVA™                          OTT™                              Parkson BioFuser™

Parkson Wyss™           Sanitaire™                      SSI™

U.S Filter™



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Welcome to the WEI Warehouse, a service division of EDI, committed to excellence in supplying diffusers, membranes, and specialty diffuser items for new and existing water and wastewater treatment applications. The products available from WEI Warehouse deliver EDI’s quality products with “express” service and competitive pricing for most brands of diffuser membranes.

The Warehouse located in Constanta is your source to EDI’s advanced technology aeration products for system expansions, system upgrades, and replacement parts. EDI’s products will keep your aeration system at the leading edge of technology.

EDI flexible membrane diffusers employ proprietary materials and specialized manufacturing techniques for maximum oxygen transfer efficiency, air handling, and service life.

WEI is confident that you will be pleased with the quality products and customer service provided from WEI Warehouse, and we look forward to improving the performance of your aeration and biological treatment system.


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The qualified professionals at EDI have dedicated more than two decades to the research and development of advanced technology aeration and biological treatment solutions. EDI’s focus on partnerships and value solutions supports new plant construction, existing facility upgrades and infrastructure maintenance.