The process includes 4 stages:

  1. Spectral Satellite Image Acquisition

  2. Radiometric corrections

  3. Algorithmic Analysis

  4. Web-based App and Intuitive User Interface

The result is much lower operational costs for reducing non-revenue water. Plus it allows for water managers to spend their budgets more efficiently by being able to look at an urban grid in its entirety, from up in space. Utilis provides an overall solution to the problem of non-revenue water, starting from the identification of a specific leak, right through to its repair. Utilis provides an opportunity to move beyond the outdated approach of plugging emergent leaks by offering a proactive solution to the reduction of non-revenue water leakage.

Utilis approach to finding leaks is analogous to a doctor basing diagnosis on imagery techniques, rather than just addressing a patient’s symptoms. Current leak detection methods rely on the “symptoms” of leaks, such as noise, a pressure drop or flow increase. The Utilis solution performs periodic scans of the network so any leak is detected as soon as it appears, thus reducing the “awareness time” of leaks to the period between scans, effectively reducing physical NRW and helping prevent bursts.


The key features of Utilis microwave imagery are:

  • Utilis provides an efficient and accurate survey of a very large area, the perimeter of which can cover an entire water system in a single screening. Instead of taking years to survey an entire system, Utilis provides periodic updates on the whole system over time.

  • A considerable number of leaks are identified for on-ground assessment. With Utilis’ findings, local acoustic teams identify and verify anywhere from 5 to 15 leaks a day. The results over time are consistent and lead to significant reductions of non-revenue water.

  • The minimal detectable leak size is 0.1 liter per minute.

  • Integration with GIS data: the system output is cross-referenced with data covering the location such as water mains in the distribution system.

  • No installation costs: Utilis remote sensing does NOT require installation or changes to existing infrastructure. Input is received from sensors and combined with data which is either publicly available, or managed by local authorities. Regardless, the technology is operated remotely.

  • Intuitive output: unlike other remote sensing technologies which require external consultation, the Utilis service is accessible and ready for use by untrained personnel.

  • Evaluate technology by its effectiveness in reducing non-revenue water, economically and logistically.

  • Utilis offers periodical monthly or quarterly reports which help the utility and municipality companies the capacity of detecting leaks in the system.

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The Utilis solution is novel, patented and unique. It enables a utility company, a municipality, a local authority or even a state or a region to monitor an entire water distribution system in an accurate manner, without any changes or installations in existing infrastructure.

Utilis won the Award for Inventions from Piers Clark, CEO of Isle Utilities, within the Innovative Technologies Competition during the International Water Week in Singapore, 2016.